Asbestos Awareness

Course Duration: Half Day Minimum

Course Overview

Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK. Each week approximately 20 tradesman die from this hidden killer, including joiners, electricians and plumbers.

Asbestos, once a widely used building material, is now known to cause everything from scarring of the lungs to fatal lung cancer. Subsequently, its use was banned in 1999.

However, that doesn’t mean that the danger is in any way eradicated. While asbestos may no longer be being used now, it is still very much with us. In short, in any structure built before 1999, there is a risk that asbestos will be present, ready to be released in its airborne form when work takes place. And because asbestos-related diseases can take years to develop, often you won’t know what damage has been done until 15-60 years later.

Under the requirements of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, training should be given to all employees who could be exposed to the risk of asbestos through their work.